We accept all major credit cards and cash, no checks of any kind are accepted.

Parking is free. Avoid parking hassles by arriving early. With the exception of bus and Reserved accessible parking, Parking is on grass or gravel.

Parents are responsible for all children and all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Since we exhibit ectothermic animals, weather plays an important part in what you will see out in the Herpetariums and Outdoor Exhibits.

The Zoo is a smoke and tobacco free property. No smoking is allowed. This includes smoking in vehicles while on property. Please respect this rule, Thank you.

The Zoo is a casual, family-oriented environment. We suggest you dress comfortably, wear good walking shoes and check the local weather report before you leave for the Zoo. Ensuring that the Zoo is family friendly is an important part of the Zoo experience. In that spirit, we ask you to use discretion and common sense.

Due to the realistic environment settings, Zoo grounds are sometimes rough or uneven and walking paths may wind through exhibits. While our exhibit environments are similar to walking in a jungle or the woods with bushes, we have made accommodations for Accessibility to the best of our ability and welcome everyone. We have had several guests in wheelchairs and they toured the Zoo without issue. Our only exception for this year is our current existing restroom that is not accessible. Anyone with extra special needs, please contact us in advance.

For those with double wide strollers, max width should be 32″ for min. clearance.

Guests in wheelchairs and Moms with double wide “Bob” Strollers and Child wagons have navigated the Zoo without issue.

Current Zoo restroom facility is an existing small clean inside unisex restroom but that is not accessible. We hope to be able to build a new accessible restroom in the future.

Members, please be sure to bring your membership card and photo ID.

Members may be allowed to enter in separate line, based on traffic.


Please read and review all rules posted inside entrance doors and listed on this page and be in agreement before you enter the facility. Obeying all rules makes for a great experience for all patrons of the Zoo, as well as, the Reptiles.

PDF Copy of Zoo rules: zoorules

Please note:  Parents.  If your child has a problem picking up objects and throwing them, the TRZ may not be the best place to visit.  We allow our guests to get really close to the reptiles and objects thrown into enclosures will cause injury or death to our animals.

No outside food or drink is allowed into the Zoo. Exceptions are: bottled water, baby food and formula. Ice chests and coolers are not allowed on Zoo grounds.
*School groups will still be allowed to bring in lunches for their classes to outside picnic area only.

The Texas Reptile Zoo is a Zero Waste facility. There are no trash receptacles. This means you take away what you bring in. 

Please don’t allow your children to climb on anything around the Zoo.

Feeding of the animals is not permitted. Planned donations of food are accepted, please email.

Absolutely no outside reptiles or Any animals of any kind are allowed on Zoo grounds (1). Do not under any circumstances bring any animal onto Zoo grounds, This includes animals left in your vehicle. There are no exceptions to this rule, except, Patrons with certified service animals, please contact Zoo directly for specific policy before arrival, Thank you.

(1) For the health and safety of the Animals on exhibit, staff, and patrons, this rule will be strictly enforced and any animals discovered will be confiscated and placed into quarantine and offender will be subject to quarantine, holding and sanitation fees.  Should you be traveling with your pet inside your vehicle, please park outside of zoo gates, thank you.  Unfortunately a rule breaker recently hid their dog in their car and spread fleas to zoo grounds and our animals so this rule is now 100% enforced.

For the safety of Zoo guests, staff and animals on exhibit, the following items are not allowed on Zoo grounds:

No pets or animals, as mentioned above.

No glass containers

No alcohol

No balloons

No skates or wheeled shoes of any kind.

No bicycles on zoo grounds except at designated bicycle lock area for cyclists and commuters.

No scooters or wheeled platforms of any kind, (except for wheelchairs of course)

No smoking or tobacco use anywhere while on premises

No luggage or suitcases

No bags, backpacks, or baskets on wheels

No ice chests (exceptions for booked events)